My artworks are everyday elsewhere spaces. 

Art is a wondrous sea of infinite possibility, providing opportunity to explore new ways of engaging with, and exceeding the experiences, politics and objects of everyday life. 

My aim is to promote art making as a creative space – a retreat from the everyday – offering potential for finding new solutions to enduring problems, whatever these may be.

In my art making process historical chronology is disordered and reordered, aesthetic codes are disregarded and rearranged, binaries are recognised and ignored; abstract and figurative are entangled, the invisible and visible are at once seen and unseen, subjects become objects in a dissipation of the knowing self.

My artworks engage with the abstract and incidental in and beyond everyday life. I explore how the immediate intertwines with history, culture, belief, gender and identity by attending to momentary intersections. For example, the way light passes through a conversation; the depth of time as we pause for thought; the shape of layered emotions arising from colour and texture, or the simultaneous beauty and destruction inherent in a discarded plastic bag.

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